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RFID advantages over Barcoding

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has many advantages over the older barcoding technology:

  • Barcode readers require a direct line of sight with the barcode tag to acquire information on a particular item.  With RFID, the tag can be located anywhere on the item and still be easily read.
  • RFID information can be read at distances as great as 300 feet. Barcode readers are limited to about 15 feet with a perfect line of sight.
  • RFID is also a much faster technology.  It is possible to read up to 40 tags  per second.  With barcoding, there is much more human interaction required to ensure proper label orientation and each piece must be scanned individually.
  • RFID tags also have full read/write capability.  This means that information can be added to the information stored on the individual tag.  Barcodes can only store a limited amount of information and once it is created it cannot be modified.
  • RFID tags are also much more rugged than barcode tags.  The electronic components are covered in plastic making them more durable.  The tags can also be placed on a part of the item that receives minimal exposure which reduces the risk of damage.  Barcodes have to be visible and exposed in order to be read.
  • With RFID, much more automation is possible.  Readers can be set up at access points and automatically read items coming and going.  For the most part, with barcoding, human interaction is required to scan each piece.

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Benefits Our Customers

District Moving Companies, Inc. has
invested in Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) technology in order to better serve
the needs of our customers. There are
many benefits to this exciting new
technology. Our system uses a handheld
RFID reader and RFID enabled tags.
Each tag contains a radio chip which...

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District Moving Companies, Inc. is proud to
be a member of the American Moving and
Storage Association (AMSA). The AMSA is
a national trade association headquartered
in Alexandria, VA. Their mission is to
represent the interest of the domestic and
international moving and storage industry
and to help the customers it serves. As a
certified ProMover, District Moving...

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Employee Office
Moving Instructions

This post comes from our friends at
American Moving and Storage Association.
Two weeks prior to the move we will have a
clean up and out campaign. The janitorial
staff will arrange for large wastebaskets to
be placed in central locations in each
department on (date) for all
non-confidential materials to be disposed...

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