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Management Team

Each District Moving team member is committed to the successfully completion of every project. Our management staff provides our employees and our clients with the information and resources to make our customers’ relocation experience a successful one.

Steven Head – Vice President
Steve has over 15 years of experience and is our top commercial sales representative and senior project manager that can handle large-scale moves from inception to completion. He also is involved in the day to day operations for several key accounts. Steve is a graduate of Indiana University and is currently working on his MBA.

AJ Banister – General and Operations Manager
AJ graduated from Virginia State University with a degree in Public Administration. AJ has over 30 years in the Moving Industry. 20 Years as an Operation Manager, specializing in all phases of the relocation business.

Nick Lavato – Sr. Account Manager
Nick has 15 years of experience handling large scale contracts and coordinates moves for our commercial moving department. Nick is DMCI's Liaison for all of our government and commercial relocation contracts. Along with his commercial moving expertise, Nick provides support for IT and electronic equipment moves as well. Nick is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Sean O'Donovan – Business Development
Sean oversees and manages specific projects and implementation of project schedules. He also meets with client groups to evaluate special requirements and addresses their concerns, and assists our clients in formulating move plans. Sean has twenty-eight years of experience in scoping, procuring, contracting, and managing movers, furniture installers and specialty equipment logistics vendors. Sean ensures that DMCI is consistently providing high quality service and that the client expectations are met.

Lisa McKinnon – Account Manager
Lisa assists in all aspects of the daily administration at DMCI. She is familiar with all aspects of the daily paperwork requirements on each contract and currently manages some of our largest contracts including all current HHG contracts. Lisa also assists with the dispatch department, crews, vehicle and equipment maintenance, material procurement, and ensuring that all jobs are performed in a timely manner.

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Benefits Our Customers

District Moving Companies, Inc. has
invested in Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) technology in order to better serve
the needs of our customers. There are
many benefits to this exciting new
technology. Our system uses a handheld
RFID reader and RFID enabled tags.
Each tag contains a radio chip which...

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District Moving Companies, Inc. is proud to
be a member of the American Moving and
Storage Association (AMSA). The AMSA is
a national trade association headquartered
in Alexandria, VA. Their mission is to
represent the interest of the domestic and
international moving and storage industry
and to help the customers it serves. As a
certified ProMover, District Moving...

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Employee Office
Moving Instructions

This post comes from our friends at
American Moving and Storage Association.
Two weeks prior to the move we will have a
clean up and out campaign. The janitorial
staff will arrange for large wastebaskets to
be placed in central locations in each
department on (date) for all
non-confidential materials to be disposed...

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