District is Proud of our Perfect Military Warehouse Inspection

Military Warehouse Inspection Report: An “A” For Us

Since it’s founding in 2001, District Moving Companies, Inc has been proudly serving the needs of local military customers.  Our latest military warehouse inspection is an “A”! As part of our agreement with the military, our warehouse is subject to semi-annual random inspections.

In order to qualify with the military, certain minimum standards must be in place.  There has to be adequate security, fire protection, pest control, warehouse cleanliness and storage conditions.There are a number of things a military inspector looks at during a warehouse inspection.  The inspector uses a standard military form, DD 1812, which includes an extensive checklist.  There are 75 points the inspector is told to look for.  The inspector is to note any deficiencies seen in the warehouse.  Grades are assigned based on number of deficiencies observed.

District Moving Companies, Inc is proud to report that we received an A rating during our latest inspection which indicates that zero deficiencies were noted.

I have attached a copy of the DD 1812 in order to show how extensive each inspection is.  District Moving Companies, Inc strives to be able to achieve a perfect score every single day.

View DD 1812 Inspection Form Here