Commercial Technology Services

At District Moving Companies, we understand businesses' unique needs and challenges during relocations. Our technology services are designed to streamline the moving process, minimize downtime, and ensure a smooth transition for your business.

We offer various technology services tailored to our commercial clients to provide comprehensive solutions.

With District Moving’s technology services, we aim to be your trusted partner in facilitating a seamless and efficient commercial relocation. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art technology solutions ensure that your business move is executed precisely and minimizes disruption. Trust us to handle all your commercial activity, leveraging technology to deliver exceptional results.

Here are the technology services we offer:

woman holding laptop while looking at IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Relocation:

We specialize in safely and efficiently relocating your company’s IT infrastructure. Our experienced technicians are trained to handle delicate and sensitive equipment, such as servers, networking devices, and computer systems. We carefully disconnect, pack, transport, and reconnect your IT assets, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. 

Data Center Migration:

If you’re planning a data center migration, we have the expertise to handle the complex process. Our team works closely with your IT personnel to plan and execute the relocation of servers, storage systems, and other critical infrastructure. We prioritize data integrity and take precautions to ensure a seamless transition to your new data center. 

Electronics and Equipment Disconnect/Reconnect:

Moving office equipment and electronics can be challenging. Our technicians are skilled in disconnecting and reconnecting devices such as printers, copiers, telecommunication systems, and audiovisual equipment. We ensure that all equipment is properly handled, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring everything is fully operational at your new location.

Secure Data Handling:

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your company’s data. Our team adheres to strict protocols for handling and transporting sensitive information. We provide secure data destruction services for obsolete devices and can facilitate secure data backup and recovery to protect your valuable data during moving.

Asset Tagging and Tracking:

Our technology services include asset tagging and tracking solutions. We use barcode or RFID technology to label and track your assets throughout the moving process. This allows for efficient inventory management, reduces the risk of loss or misplacement, and provides real-time visibility into the location of your assets.

Network Infrastructure Planning:

We collaborate with your IT team to plan the layout and setup of your network infrastructure at the new location. Our experts can assist with cable management, network design, and configuration to ensure a smooth transition and optimal connectivity for your business.

Technology Recycling and Disposal:

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we offer technology recycling and disposal services. If you have outdated or non-functional equipment, we can responsibly recycle or dispose of it in accordance with environmental regulations, ensuring that your business remains compliant while minimizing the environmental impact

secure storage warehouseSecure Storage and Inventory Management:

Account managers and customer service experts will assist your team in planning for the move. On-the-job supervisors will be on-site on moving day to ensure you have a positive moving experience. Experienced and trained movers, who work in this segment of the business, will be assigned to the move. Our experts recognize the importance of good communication, and they’ll remain engaged until you are completely satisfied. 

Project Management Software:

Project management software supports our commercial moving services for efficient coordination, communication, and documentation. Our project management ensures that all stakeholders are informed, milestones are tracked, and potential issues are promptly addressed, resulting in a streamlined and successful move.

Disaster Recovery Planning:

We understand the importance of business continuity. Our technology services include disaster recovery planning, assessing potential risks, developing contingency plans, and implementing backup solutions to protect your critical data and minimize downtime during an unforeseen event.

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