An Environmentally Friendly Move

If you’re an environmentally conscious person who is in the middle of planning for a long-distance move, you may be wondering how your move may impact the environment. The residential movers at District Moving Companies Inc. have a list of tips you can follow to lessen your impact. Our movers are ready to help our customers do their part to protect the environment. 

Friendly Environmental tips

An average American moves 6 times in their life. Every move can be focused on protecting the environment and reducing your move’s negative effect on the environment. How to make an impact while moving:

1. Dispose of wisely: Dispose of chemicals, such as gasoline, oil, cleaners, and electronics and appliances according to environmental standards. 

2. Donate Unwanted/Excess Items: If there are household items, clothing, and non-perishable foodstuff you don’t want to bring with you, you can donate these items to local charitable organizations. 

3. Use Reusable Plastic Materials: Instead of using single-use plastic or foam packing materials, use soft household items like blankets, towels, or clothing to pad fragile items. 


Like every successful move, protecting the environment during amove begins with the moving company. Here are some things we do that can help the environment:

1. Combine Customer Shipments: We can reduce our fuel usage by combining different customers’ smaller shipments on the same truck if they are moving in the same direction. 

2. Use Reusable Packing Materials: When possible, we use moving blankets and rubber bands instead of plastic wrap, tape, and foam packing materials to reduce the amount of waste.