Pre-Spring Moving Checklist

Are you ready for your spring move? In 2021 about 27.1 million American families moved, so about 8.4% of the population. However, most companies are back to in-person work schedules, the number of families moving is expected to reduce by 1%. 

                                                                                                                 How To Prepare 

  1. Find a mover

After finding a house or an office, you need to contact a moving company 30days before your moving date. Most moving companies are busy during the spring/summer season, be wise and contact them 30 days before your moving date. Moving companies need to survey your home and estimate your moving cost. 

2. Clean Out Your home

Moving means a new beginning. Go through your closet, garage, and attic. Create donation piles and have a garage sale to recoup some funds. This process may be tiresome, but necessary to create space in the new home. Most moving companies never work in attic spaces, so clear the area ahead of time.

3. Change your address

Changing your address in the post office is very important. You have to remember to update your driving license and your mail. Changing your kids’ school records should be done a few weeks before your move. This will allow your family to familiarize themselves with the new school ahead of time.